Our programs include in-depth information, expansive content, detailed quizzes, and the highest level of security in the industry. All programs are time-locked and the participant must pass a final exam to successfully complete their course. Each course comes with audio and is written so participants as young as 13 can comprehend and successfully complete. Upon successful completion of the course, an instant certificate will be available for the student to print. Another certificate will be emailed to the participant.

Alcohol Awareness Class

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This is a 2-hour alcohol education class. This class is designed to help participants expand their knowledge on the dangers of alcohol in young people. The information in our alcohol class is valuable for minors under the age of 21. Topics Covered: Alcohol and the Law, Alcohol Awareness, Alcohol on Your Brain and Body, How People Behave When Drunk, and Dangers of Driving Under the Influence.

Anger Management Class

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This is a 4-hour anger management class. The class teaches how to make a plan for change and helps participants see how thinking errors can have serious consequences. This class starts with a self-scoring assessment to determine if there’s a problem with anger. Educational in nature,the class includes information on exploring the root of anger, defining anger, and coping strategies. Topics Covered: The Purpose of Feelings, What’s Bothering You?, Personal Responsibility and Anger, Victim Impact, and Coping with Emotions.

Cognitive Thinking & Decision-Making Skills Class

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This 4-hour class focuses on teaching responsibility and appropriate thinking. The goal is to reinforce positive behaviors and highlight the importance of choosing the right thing. Topics Covered: Decision Making, Thinking Errors, Conflict Management, Communication Skills, and Values.

Communication Skills Class

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This 2-hour class will help participants learn effective communication skills. Participants will be able to learn and understand the subtleties of how people communicate and understand each other. It’s important to get your message across and pick up on the messages others are giving you. Topics Covered: Listening to Understand, Speak to be Understood, Nonverbal Communication, Body Language, How to Improve Reading Body Language, Feedback, How to Disarm Intense Communication, Why is Communication Important?, Good Communication, and Listening Skills.

Conflict Management Class

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This 2-hour class informs participants on how to negotiate and resolve conflict. It’s understandable people get mad sometimes. But when anger turns into verbally, mentally, or physically harmful behavior, something has to change.Topics Covered: Effective Conflict Management, Family Conflict, Setting Boundaries, and Assertive Vs. Aggressive Behavior.

Decision Making Skills Class

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In this 2-hour class, participants learn decision-making skills and how to make better choices. They also learn why it can be difficult and how to practice these skills. Good decision-making skills are the foundation for life. Topics Covered: Seemingly Unimportant Decisions, Decision Making, Values and Decisions, and Your Choices, Your Happiness.

Discipline Education Class

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This 2-hour research based and research informed discipline education class was developed by Dr. Elizabeth LaMont, LCSW, PH.D.Our class will provide a step-by-step approach, giving parents a deeper understanding to build a child’s sense of self-worth. Topics Covered: How to Discipline Your Child, Effective Discipline, Praise and Consequences, Age-Appropriate Discipline, and Understanding Human Nature.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class

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After completing this 4-hour class, participants will have information on the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol. Sometimes individuals just do not know how dangerous these substances are, or how addictive they can be. Topics Covered:Drugs and the Brain and Body, Drug Facts – 25 Commonly Abused Drugs, Consequences of Drugs and Alcohol, and Values.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Guide for Parents

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This 2-hour awareness class gives parents a sensible, responsible approach to recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of substance abuse. Along with the slang drug-terms of today, this guide provides information on the most commonly abused drugs by teens and young adults. Whether the child is a teenager or a young adult, it is important for parents to take action right now. This guide offers tips on how to step in and help.

Life Skills Class

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This 4-hour class focuses on teaching responsibility and appropriate thinking. This class aims at reinforcing positive behaviors and the importance of choosing to do the right thing. Topics Covered: Thinking Errors, Decision-Making Skills, Time Management, Character Building, Importance of Integrity, Self-Esteem, Personal Responsibility, Taking Responsibility, Communication Skills, Boundaries, Positive Thinking, and Motivation.

Marijuana Awareness

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This 2-hour Marijuana Awareness program educates the participant on how marijuana can produce adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral effects. Upon completion, the participant will understand how marijuana can impair short-term memory, judgment, and perception. Topics Covered: The History of Marijuana, Marijuana as a Drug, Marijuana and Its Addictive Qualities, Synthetic Marijuana, Marijuana - Dangers to Children, and Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain and Body.

Parenting Skills Class

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This 4-hour class is easy to understand, so every parent can put the information learned into practice. Children don’t come with instruction manuals but taking a parenting skills class, just like this one, may be the next best thing. There is so much to know if you want to raise happy children who will grow up to be competent, confident, and self-reliant adults.

Responsibility and Character Building

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This 3-hour class gives examples of what good character looks like. Participants are told stories on the importance of developing character qualities such as self-control, sacrifice, and delayed gratification. Good character is the key to self-respect, earning the respect of others, positive relationships, fulfillment, achievements, and success in every area of your life.

Bullying, Sexting and Cyber Safety Class

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This is a 2-hour class designed to approach very complex issues surrounding bullying and sex-ting from an educational standpoint. The program places emphasis on preventing sex-ting by minors and addresses how sex-ting, bullying, and harassment are related. The program highlights possible long-term consequences of sex-ting and the possible consequences of teens being charged with the production and/or distribution of child pornography.

Shoplifting/Theft Intervention

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Our theft intervention/Shoplifting Prevention class is to help individuals learn to accept responsibility for their impulsive behaviors and to overcome thinking errors. Participants will learn to identify necessary steps to make a positive change, avoid future negative behaviors and to make better choices and decisions.

Vaping and Nicotine Awareness

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This 3-Hour Vaping and Nicotine Awareness class is an eye opener for any young person. Most adults currently addicted to nicotine became addicted when they were underage. With the many forms of tobacco now on the market, it seems all too easy for young people start using a nicotine product. These many forms can include: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and vape pens/e-cigarettes, all of which are covered in this course. Especially now as vaping and many e-cigarettes have become popular, it is important to educate all young people before they enter adulthood addicted to these substances. Topics Covered: Laws Protecting Minors, Addictive Qualities of Tobacco, Vaping/Juuling/E-Cigs, Deceptive Practices of the Tobacco Industry, and How Tobacco Companies Target Youth.

Truancy Intervention Program for Students

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This 3-hour class is for students and focuses teaching hope to young minds. We give examples of how math and reading skills are important in the real world. The program will also cover the chilling statistics on what happens to many who fail to graduate. We’ll show, convincingly, that being absent from school often destroys young lives and most will regret it. The program also provides hope it is not too late for students. We cover what they can do to help themselves and where they can find help. Topics Covered: Why School is Important, Self-Esteem, Reaching Your Full Potential, Your Learning Style, Positive Thinking, Motivation, and Encouragement.

Truancy Intervention Program for Parents / Intervencion del Ausentimo Para Padres

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This 2-hour class for parents is designed to give practical information to put to use immediately. Along with useful tips, the program helps identify and address common issues parents may be experiencing. Our purpose is to provide a parent encouragement so they can reach out for help and to let them know it is not too late for their child to graduate. The topics provide practical information and tips for helping them get their child to school and to warn of the consequences of truancy/failure to attend. We explain to parents they are not alone and help is available. The program also provides motivation to parents who may not realize their contributing to non-attendance is sending their child down a dangerous path. Topics Covered: Dangers of Dropping Out, Finding Help, Reducing Truancy, and My Learning Style.